Smiling Piles of Ooopsss!


My last post. About blonde moments was really something random. Or so I thought. But apparently this is a thing. A. Real. Thing.

Case in point: My co-blogger Jennifer had to help me post the article. I pasted it in, had it ready to go but can not figure out how to load a new picture. I have failed with two posts now. Failed. But Jennifer prevailed. She sent me a message. “I was almost ready to post but somehow messed up the paragraph order.” (This feels like a feat, but I think Jennifer, if you’ve read any of her posts, is up for it.) She got it posted and linked it on Facebook. I made a comment, she made a comment then said. “I wanted to put an emoticon, but I couldn’t.” I LOL’d and said, “Emoticon fails, that should be my next article.” She said. “Glad I could be fodder.”
The next day was my birthday. Idonwannatalkaboutittheyarenotfunsomuchanymore and my co-worker, one of the blondes, remember, there are four of us, brought me a gift.
How could she have known that this would tie into the next article about her?
The gift? A ceramic mug that was the poop emoji. Seriously. I laughed extra hard due to my insider future article knowledge and began writing my post in my head. Then she said. “So look at the bag already. You are going to make fun of me so we might as well get that out of the way.”
Her bedroom was darkish. She grabbed a gift bag where she could make out the word Happy and wrapped the mug.
“Happy Easter” it said.
Happy Easter indeed! And if I could figure out how to post them there’d be the smiling Poop Emoji and Crying Laugh Face as punctuation!

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